The Closet

by sagire

This short story is based on the following writing prompt from reddit:

Jim receives a note under the door and is intrigued, especially because it’s the closet door.

How peculiar Jim thought to himself looking up from the horoscopes in the paper to see a note poking out from under the closet door.The mail usually comes through that little slot on the front door, no matter.

After reading today’s Scorpio horoscope Jim felt particularly satisfied. He was about to enter a new chapter in his life, with a new love interest to boot. As he bent over to read the note he could only think that this may finally be it for him, maybe he would finally find the love of his life.

He unfolded the note, adjusting his spectacles as he read the scrawled handwriting: “I’m Watching You.”

Interesting indeed Jim thought as he examined the door, how could she be watching me from the closet? There is absolutely no way to see out. She must certainly be interested if she went through so much trouble just to see me.

After he cleared his throat, stood up straight and unbuttoned his collar for good measure – it’s best to look casual in these situations – he opened the door. Utter disappointment. As usual there was an empty closet where he thought he would find love. After searching high and low Jim found himself utterly pissed at the closet.

It was fine for his friends to pretend to be an interested lady when he tried online dating. It was fine for his co-workers to constantly ask if there was anyone he was seeing. It was even fine when his mother occasionally suggested he might be gay. But this, a closet playing with his heart? It had gone too far.

By the time he sat back on the recliner with a beer he was proud of his work. The spare lumber from the basement made it easy to barricade the door completely. Sure, if he wanted to go golfing he would need to rent clubs, and he no longer had access to his rain boots if the weather turned sour – but damn was he happy. Jim just couldn’t contain his smile as he thought the closet would never be able to taunt him again.

The demon spawn, sulking in the darkness of the closet, was not so satisfied with this chain of events. How could months of planning have ended so badly? Jim was certainly unlike any human he had ever encountered, he couldn’t entirely blame himself – though he knew his wife would… whenever he found a way out of here.